One Step Ahead

A medical emergency can consist of any injury from minor scrapes and cuts to major life threatening situations where outside medical personnel is necessary.  Many variables can effect the arrival time of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and during an emergency situation every second matters.  Having proper equipment on hand can help save a life. 
Gumshoe offers an array of medical services and equipment to ensure a quick response to injury or medical emergency.  
Medical Jump Bag
A stationary medical cabinet with a few band aids and ointments is not sufficient to handle a major medical emergency that occurs anywhere else in the facility.  
Gumshoe offers an all inclusive medical jump bag that is mobile and can travel anywhere on property.  The bag is light weight, well organized and comes equipped with most everything a first responder could need.
This kit is perfect for faculty, staff and by-standers in a school arena trained in AHA Heartsaver CPR, AED and first aid who would act as first responders during an emergency situation.  The jump bag comes equipped with items that can assist in an emergency until proper personnel arrives on scene. 
Gumshoe will train your Emergency Response Team on the contents of the Medical Jump Bag and the basic usages of the contents within. 
(Automatic External Defibrillator)
The survival rate of a patron experiencing sudden cardiac arrest can be significantly improved with the use of an AED.
Tracking and Maintenance
Gumshoe offers top quality AEDs and supplies from leading manufacturers.  We will also keep track of all AEDs on property by documenting  serial numbers, expiration dates for batteries and pads, and any additional supplies needed for the use of the AED. 
Training Classes
Gumshoe offers American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver CPR, AED and Basic First Aid to anyone who wants to learn basic lifesaving techniques and does not work in the Medical Field.  This course is recommended for Employees, Staff, Teachers, Coaches, Parents, and Day Care Providers.  You will learn how to identify and care for a variety of medical emergencies, including severe bleeding, shock, and other sudden illnesses, as well as how to reduce the risk of disease transmission while providing care.
Certification must be finished to the standards of the American Heart Association and upon completion of the course participants will receive a card valid for 2 years.