Risk Assessment

One Step Ahead​

Premise Liability
Gumshoe Security Consulting will conduct an overall analysis of the property including internal and external day-to-day operations to see where corrective measures can be taken and improvements can be made.  This risk assessment is designed to cover the whole nucleus of the facility.  Employee and member safety is top priority and our goal is to help you protect patrons and do everything possible to prevent an incident from occurring.  The objective is to evaluate the property as a whole to identify soft target areas, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to reduce risk and improve your facility as a whole.  We will also assist in helping your church build its Emergency Response Team and aid in the construction of a Risk Assessment Manual as a teaching tool for management and new and existing employees. This manual will be a critical guide to ensure all involved will operate as one cohesive unit in the event of an emergency.
Below are a few key areas in which we will focus:
  • External Grounds
  • Internal Facilities
  • Positioning of Security Personnel
  • Entrance/ Exit Points
  • Lighting
  • Camera Locations
  • Closing Procedures
Evacuation Plan
An Evacuation Plan will also be a crucial part of the manual and will be continuously updated and utilized in the event on an emergency. Threat on property or hazardous situations could constitute an evacuation and having a plan will allow faculty and staff to assist Parishioners, Members and Guests in a more efficient manner to ensure safety for everyone on property.  The Gumshoe team will assess and evaluate your facility alongside maintenance and facility staff that works in and around the property on a daily basis.  By working together, we will then be able to formulate the best plan for your facility with regard to proper exiting locations and designated assembly areas.